EY NextGen Academy 2018

EY NextGen Academy 2018

join our most professional and broad global lineup to date

join our most professional and broad global lineup to date


EY NextGen Academy 2018

EY NextGen Academy 2018

EY NextGen Academy 2018


Our approach

To succeed for generations, family businesses need an entrepreneurial spirit that not only transfers core values and principles of ownership, but also creates future opportunities to deliver true innovation, as well as financial and social value. In this framework, members of the next generation often find themselves questioning what is the right individual path for them in business and ownership succession.

We created the EY NextGen Academy 10 years ago to find proven strategies for these types of challenges. During the last decade, participants from more than 60 countries have joined the program. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2018, with a long track record of running the EY NextGen Academy in different parts of the world and a lineup that is more impressive than ever before.

Our concept

With the EY NextGen Academy, we have established a range of unique and exclusive one-week training events that help the next generation to explore their potential and introduce them to the challenges of running a family business.

Our exceptional market-leading program combines the knowledge from premier international business schools with practical experience and advice from EY. This creates a special environment targeted specifically at the next generation of entrepreneurs and family business leaders. Participants also benefit from the experience of exceptional business personalities and their peers from around the world.

Taking various interests and development needs of different age groups and maturity levels into account, the program runs a three-tier approach.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the EY NextGen Academy has formalized itself as the leading global training program for the next generation. Through continual enhancements, we have managed to stay at the foreground of innovation, providing our participants a truly exceptional training experience.

Lauri Oinaala

EY Global Next Generation Leader

First Program - discover your potential

Our First Program offers 18- to 22-year-olds in entrepreneurial business families the opportunity to discover their personal assets and interests; find out how to implement and complete a corporate initiative; get an introduction into the special characteristics associated with their family businesses; and explore their strengths, weaknesses and business potential.

1–7 July 2018, INSEAD Business School

22–28 July 2018, Ashridge Hult Business School
London/Hertfordshire, UK

Advanced Program - develop your talent

Our Advanced Program offers 22- to 27-year-olds in family businesses the opportunity to build on their business acumen and entrepreneurial talents. In addition, they will acquire insights related to family business from an ownership perspective.

Participants will have already acquired sound knowledge in their field of study and have been introduced to a professional working environment, so this program will give them the chance to recognize and apply practical options and global leading practices to their operation within their family business, outside of their family business, or both.

15–21 July 2018, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy

29 July – 4 August 2018, Kellogg School of Management
Chicago/Evanston, US

Excellence Program - turn innovation into value

Our Excellence Program offers 27- to 35-year-old family business leaders the opportunity to learn how to create value innovation while following sound governance. Participants will engage in open dialogue with exceptional entrepreneurs, benefit from the latest research and teaching excellence of academics, and share the practical experience of EY professionals.

Through stimulating topics and in-depth discussions with peers and experts from around the world, they will address the quest for innovative approaches, personal vision creation and problem-solving strategies.

8–14 July 2018, HKUST Business School, Hong Kong, China

26 August – 1 September 2018, Rotman School of Management
Toronto, Canada

Program details 2018

There is a lot to learn as we combine the global power of our organization with the power of leading entrepreneurial leaders, academics and innovators to this program.

For detailed information on the EY NextGen Academy, please connect with us directly and we’ll be glad to provide you with a comprehensive program catalogue and other valuable insights. This exclusive training program is intended for the next generation of entrepreneurial and family businesses only.


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Gain valuable insights from local EY NextGen alumni

The EY NextGen Academy has a solid fan base. About 20% of the annual participants are repeat attendees who return for the training at the same or a higher level. Together with the newcomers, they enjoy continually updated courses with professionally curated content.

During the last decade participants from over 60 countries from all around the world have joined the program. As such, we have established a network of local EY NextGen Ambassadors. These are active members of our alumni network who can be contacted for a first-hand knowledge of the EY Global Next Generation experience and activities.


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